Online Payment For Troop 606 Class B Shirts (For Pre-Orders Only)

If you ordered Class B T-Shirts, you can pay online via PayPal using the button below.  DO NOT USE THIS FORM IF YOU DID NOT PRE-ORDER TSHIRTS.  The deadline for pre-ordering shirts has passed.  We will place our next order most likely next Spring.

You can also pay by check made payable to Troop 606 at the first Troop meeting of the 2018-2019 program year on Monday, September 10, 2018 at UUMC.

The cost of each shirt is $12, not including the PayPal fee of $0.67 per shirt if you pay via that method (the PayPal fee must be added to the total to cover the cost as the Troop cannot absorb that expense).  Thus, if you purchase shirts through PayPal, you will need to pay $12.67 per shirt (thus one shirt costs $12.67, two shirts cost $25.34, three shirts cost $38.01, and so on).  Multiply $12.67 times the number of shirts you ordered and enter that in the field below.  Please also indicate the name(s) of the Scout(s) and/or adult(s) for whom shirts are being purchased.  No need to enter sizes as that information is already on the Google spreadsheet on which you entered your order information.

Enter Amount ($12.67 per shirt) USD