Blue Cards And How To Prepare Them

The first step in earning a merit badge after choosing the one a Scout wants to earn is to obtain a blue card.  To do so, a Scout should take the following steps:

  1. Scout selects a Merit Badge (see Difficulty, BSA Merit Badge Information)
  2. Scout must obtain a Blue Card from the Scoutmaster when commencing work on a merit badge.
  3. The card is double sided. Scout completes in ink the information highlighted in yellow. Please print neatly and fill out your parts completely.
  4. Scout turns in the entire card to the merit badge counselor.
  5. After the merit badge requirements have been completed by the Scout, the merit badge counselor will sign the Unit’s Record and Applicant’s Record portions and retain the Counselor’s record.
  6. Scout turns in both Applicant’s Record and Unit’s Record to the Advancement Chairperson.
  7. The Advancement Chairperson processes the Merit Badge Application with the Orange County counsel office. When the Scout is awarded his Merit Badgepatch, the “Applicant’s Record” and the “Merit Badge Certification” card is provided to the scout at the Court of Honor.
  8. Scout saves his blue Applicant’s Record along with the MB certification card. When a Scout is ready to earn rank of Eagle, he or she must have all of this MB cards available for review in date order. Best that they are  kept in plastic page protectors designed for this such as those used for collecting baseball cards.

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