Troop 606 Merit Badge Class Protocol

After a Scout obtains a blue card, the Scout should review the Troop 606 merit badge policy and then schedule a meeting or class with a merit badge counselor.  To do so, the Scout should follow these steps:

  1. Obtain a Merit Badge Blue Card from the Scoutmaster or his designee prior to taking a Merit Badge course.
  2. Register in advance so the MB counselor knows to expect you. If the counselor is a Troop 606 Adult Leader, use this form to register.  Registration allows the MB counselor to plan materials and seating required for the class.
  3. Always give your MB counselor your Merit Badge Blue Card on the first date of the meeting. It is YOUR responsibility to clearly and legibly fill out YOUR information on the card. This includes your name (print), address, Troop 606, Rancho del Mar district, Orange County Council and the name of the MB you are working on where ever stated on the card.
  4. Bring and have read the appropriate Merit Badge book.
  5. Most Merit Badges require work outside of the normal MB class. Know this and plan your time accordingly.
  6. Scouts are requested to start a MB class on the first day offered and finish on the date indicated to finish. It is not advisable to start a MB course other than on the date marked as “Start Lesson 1” unless by special arrangement with the MB counselor.
  7. If prerequisites have been communicated as being required, prerequisites should be complete by the first meeting.
  8. If it has been communicated in advance to print and bring Merit Badge worksheets from an outside source, then do so. It is your responsibility to print and bring these materials, not your MB counselor.
  9. If you need to know the level of difficulty for a merit badge before you register, consult Mr. D’s Difficulty Chart. This chart tells you the degree of difficulty for each Merit Badge.
  10. Generally you will always need to bring a pencil and paper. Use your Troop Notebook to contain your materials. This will also give you a firm surface to write on.
  11. If there is a fee for the class, pay the MB counselor promptly.
  12. If you must drop from a MB class, communicate this to the MB counselor.

At the discretion of each Merit Badge counselor, if you have not come prepared for a class,
are not participating in the class and attentive to the MB counselor, or your behavior is disruptive to
the group, the MB counselor has the right to dismiss you from the class.