Eagle Courts of Honor

Eagle courts of honor are fully developed celebrations recognizing Scouts who have attained Scouting’s highest rank. They often feature a variety of very special ceremonies commensurate with the high honor being bestowed upon outstanding young men.

In addition to the Troop’s Scouts and their families, often in attendance are a variety of special guests, including members of the local district and council, public officials, troop alumni, and adults who have had an impact on the life of the new Eagle Scout. Commensurate with this special gathering, the Eagle court of honor needs to be setup in a dignified location. The facility should be laid out in an appropriate manner, assuring that everybody in attendance can appreciate what’s being presented.

The Eagle court of honor has been referred to as Scouting’s greatest moment. It should be an event that will long be remembered fondly by the young man being honored. As every young man is different and unique, so should each Eagle court of honor reflect what is special about the individual Scout. Throughout the event’s agenda, there should be plenty of provision for personalizing the presentation. For example, many a successful Eagle celebration features an entertaining slide show with photos that capture the new Eagle’s personality, taken during his Scouting adventures. A creative narration can serve to share many things with the guests as well as add some levity. Including presentations of short accounts that are both revealing and entertaining, by those in Scouting that know the honoree, can also add a personal touch to the proceedings.

There are many Eagle court of honor ceremonies with set scripts that have been impressively presented. But, as is the key to any successful ceremony, especially those presented on such a rare occasion, it’s more important than ever to follow the guidelines for planning ceremonies. The agenda for an Eagle court of honor is bound to be more lengthy and elaborate than those for other Scout gatherings, so it is vital to manage everything as much as possible from an entertainment perspective. The master of ceremonies, and everyone participating needs to be thoroughly prepared. With all the Scouts, families, and special guests who have come together to be a part of this celebration, pacing and organization are vital.

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