Eagle Packet

The following documents comprise the “Eagle Packet.”  Make sure you download and print out all of these, except the Service Project Workbook, which is interactive and designed to be downloaded and used on a computer rather than printed out.

Read the Letter to Candidate first, then review the entire Eagle Scout Processing Checklist before you do anything else.  Also provide a copy of the Letter to Parents at the outset of this process.

Before you begin your service project, make sure you have discussed it with your Eagle Coach, complete the proposal section of the Service Project Workbook and obtain approval of your project before commencing it.  You should also obtain a Letter of Need from the beneficiary of your Project before you begin.  You can bring out and provide to your beneficiary the “Navigating The Eagle Scout Service Project” pamphlet (link also below) to help with that process.

If you need to raise funds for your Project, make sure you read the Fundraiser Application Policy and discuss any issues or concerns with your Eagle Coach.  Your Eagle Coach will also help you fill out your Eagle Scout Rank Application.

Good luck!

Letter To Candidate (Read First!)

Eagle Scout Processing Checklist

Eagle Scout Rank Application

Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook – Interactive

Eagle Scout Confidential Appraisal Letter 09-01-2013

Eagle Scout Service Project Fundraiser Application Policy

Letter To Parents

Navigating The Eagle Scout Service Project (Provide To Beneficiary)

Eagle Scout Coach Guidelines

Rank Advancement FAQ (Mostly Re Eagle Scout Rank)

Eagle Court Of Honor Resources

Additional resources:

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